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The Art of Spending Time

December 2023

Time is precious. There never seems to be enough. We are overwhelmed with daily tasks to such an extent that sometimes it gets hard to see the wood from the trees. Time management is a skill we cannot do without, and we all need…

Tuning Into Our Intuition

October 2023

Rene Descartes’s said ‘Cognito ergo sum’, ‘I think, therefore I am’. He believed that our ability to think determined our identity. Now we know that thought is not just carried out in the mind.  We use our body to think from a young age…

We Are Here To Build Resilience

May 2023

Experiencing sadness, disappointments and failure is an inherent part of life. Just by being alive, most of us would have already faced adversity, likely multiple times.

Thriving In Midlife

February 2023

Lately I have been thinking a lot about middle age and the next phase in life. What should I keep doing? What shall I let go of? What should I do differently? What must I learn next?

2023 – The Year To Defy Perfectionism

January 2023

We are well into the new year so if you are a regular user of social and print media, you would by now have had your fill, and more, of motivating and inspiring messages and potential resolutions for 2023. No doubt you would have been urged to supercharge…

Happiness, Flow, Optimism

October 2022

Autumn is in the air and after a well-earned summer break, we are all back at work.  Does the thought of work make you excited and happy or does it fill you with dread…

Lessons In Leadership

September 2022

The passing of the Queen is a loss of a leader who dedicated her life to service. For some of us, with roots in nations that were colonised, it brings back to mind the struggle and grief of our parents and grandparents. Yet over the years, the Queen…

Performance, Enjoyment and Learning

August 2022

This has been another summer of some great sporting events. I have particularly enjoyed watching the skill and patience demonstrated by golfer Ashleigh Buhai at the 2022 AIG Women’s Open at Muirfield. As we stare in awe of…

Are You Up For The Job?

July 2022

Much has already been said about the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution in the first two decades of the 21st century. Author Bryan Walsh identified some of the mega trends to shape the 21st century as the impact of…

I Am Listening

June 2022

One of the most effective board chairs I have had the pleasure to work with would go around the table on matters of importance on the agenda and ask each member present what they think. She gave attention without…

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