Vimmi Singh

Leadership Coach

Our daily life today is fraught with cognitive overload that can compromise effective decision making. The traditional support systems of extended family and close friends have been challenged and to some extent, even dismantled by modern life.

Coaching provides a space to reflect, a source of energy and clarity and most importantly, an appropriate challenge.  This enables a client to marshal ideas and solutions effectively. It is well known that internal obstacles are often more daunting than external ones.

Through coaching, I enable clients to develop their self-awareness, confidence, build teams and manage relationships.

Energising and thought provoking sessions help clients to improve their impact at work and in life. 

Performance = Potential – Interference

The Inner Game Equation by Timothy Gallwey


Strategic thinking

Role transition

Career transition

Imposter syndrome

Building relationships and managing stakeholders

Emotional intelligence

Leadership development

Board dynamics

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My time with Vimmi has been transformational. She helps me work through situations and decisions, enables me to think more clearly, supports me in formulating plans and gives me a deeper understanding of how to move forward. She is thorough, detailed, patient, focused and kind in how she approaches our time.

For me, her USP is helping bring order to (sometimes chaotic) situations.

Abigail Sater, Chief Executive Officer, Fintech Company, London, UK

Vimmi brings maturity and clarity of thought to our conversations.  She has the expertise of fishing out the issues out of the overall messy picture being projected. This helps me identify and focus on specific action items.

Vimmi can bring my focus back by asking the right questions and nudging me to ask myself what I want – short term and long term. She helps me crystalise my strengths, based on my experience and align them to designing my goals accordingly.

I was able to clearly track progress since the time the coaching sessions have started. In addition, I was able to list down concrete action steps for the next 9-12 months. These actionable steps and dates are proposed by me and hence I have the motivation to meet them.  Application of the same in real life is helping me to achieve the objective with which I started.

Vitul Kwatra, Chief Operations Officer, Business Process Outsourcing Company, Dubai, UAE

Vimmi has a truly rich background internationally which reinforces her professional breadth in executive and non executive roles. She is also a profoundly effective listener.

Steve Jefford, Executive coach and HR mentor